hydraulic variable rake angle shears


  • Moving beams synchronised by differential cylinders
  • Shearing-clamping forces adjustible to suit jobs
  • Both blades premium HCHCr,with four usable edges
  • Cutting lengths and positions adjustible for shorter jobs
  • Beam returns on releasing foot switch for smaller cuts
  • Cutting area illuminated for clear view of blades
  • First two hold downs spaced closer at both ends


  • Squaring arm 1000mm at left with hardened lines
  • Squaring arm 600mm at right helps distribute wear
  • Front gauging with stopsm, scale on squaring arm
  • Hardened rods recessed table for easy sheet feading
  • Sheet supports 1000mm help supports long plates
  • Ramp on rear slides cut out sheets outside shear area
  • Foot switch movable for operation from safe position
  • Finger safety gaurd with clear view of lighted cutting area
  • Efficient compact power pack with minimum piping
  • Electricals neatly wired-cabled for trouble shooting

Optional Accessories

  • Sheet front feeding system
  • NC backgauge with ball screw
  • Hydraulic rear sheet support
  • Automatic control shearing
  • Sheet rear stacking system